Once the restoration of 4917 is complete, it will be housed in an air conditioned building along with many displays associated with the 4917 and other GG1s as well as the history of the Gs and the Pennsylvania Railroad.

In addition to the prototype 4917, displays will include scale models of Gs in every gauge from Live Steam one and one half inch to the foot to "Z." The Live Steam Gauge is currently being constructed by Chris Kamin at his facility in Indiana.

The scale models will include a Gauge One by Fine Arts Model number 4802, O-72 Gauge by MTH, S Gauge by American Models, HO Gauge by Rivorossi, N Gauge by Arnold and Z Gauge by Marklin. There will also be MTH O-72 Gauge models of many of the electric locomotive designs that lead to the GG1. These include BB-1s, DD-1, FF-1 and FF-2, P5 and P5a and P5a Modified and the J series. All models used are running models.

Some of the other displays will depict photos and drawing of the design of the GG1, Engineering Manuals, many books and hundreds of photos of Gs in action. Another display will feature memorabilia of the Pennsylvania Railroad during the time of the Gs.

One unique display will be a working full size simulator of the cab interior of a G, complete with sound and motion. A small theater will continuously feature many films and videos made about Gs.

The Museum will be open to the public when completed.