The GG1 Historical Locomotive Preservation Society, Inc., was formed in the State of Florida as a non-commercial, non-profit corporation. The founders are J. Raymond Meyers, D. Michael Altimari and Alfonso Chicoy. All are avid railfans.

The corporation was organised to meet a number of requirements that will lead to acquiring Pennsylvainia Railroad GG1 Electric Locomotive number 4917. The number 4917 is one of a few remaining units of the original 139 units made and operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad starting in 1935. Currently the 4917 is locatede in central New York State on a siding of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and titled to the Leatherstocking Railroad Museum.

The GG1HLPS plans to complete the purchase of the locomotive and arrange to have it relocated to a site in Florida as yet to be determined. Once there, the 4917 will receive a cosmedic restoration and be housed in a suitable shelter along with a vast diplay all celebrating the GG1s in general and the 4917 in particular. The finished display will then be openned to the public.